I Do My First Guest Post | Sunday Summary #10

I guest posted for the first time ever; it was fun / I accomplished a bunch over the 3 day weekend / Then I struggled to finish out the week.


The Sunday Post, hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer, is a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Caution: Her site has sidebar ads that sometimes contain cover images which may be offensive to some.

Thanks to Tonyalee at lilybloombooks who hosted my first ever guest post (see below).


Since I had a 3 day weekend for the 4th of July and no plans, I was able to do some extra reading as well as a bit of blogging ahead (and a lot of organizing of in my RSS reader, which has been choking lately).


By Friday though I was really struggling with a deep sense  of sadness, due to all the violence piled on violence that has been happening. I just didn't feel like reading the Urban Fantasy book I had planned to that day. That's where my shiny new Reading Schedule got a chance to do its job, I simply went down the list until I found something I did want to read. (In the past I would have just relistened to one of a handful of favorites regardless of which reviews I had coming up.)


Here is another set of reading nooks (I think I am becoming obsessed) appropriately featured @ The Reading Nook Reviews

Last Week on GMB

Next Week on GMB

    • TUE: New Audiobook Releases
    • WED: Awake | Review + Author Interview - ★★★★ YA Contemporary Fantasy
    • THU: Love it or DNF it: Living With Chronic TBR Overflow (Pt 3) | My Musings
    • SAT: The Disappearance of Ember Crow | Review - ★★★★ YA Sci-Fi Paranormal Dystopia
    • SUN: Sunday Summary #11

Exploring Cyberspace


After doing some research on blogging and finding relatively few resources that were specifically about book blogging, I decided to put together this guide for those thinking about diving into the book blogging world. I started Pages Unbound 5 years about with very little idea of what I was doing, so I hope other new bloggers feel they don’t have to do the same!"

"We'd all prefer to read about Fiction people than Function around real ones.

A commonly known one, but it needed to be here.

Because while everyone’s out partying/clubbing/doing whatever social people do on weekends, I’ll happily be sat curled up in bed with a coffee and a good book.

Very happily.

And there’s times when I have a busy day, and the idea of not reading will annoy me halfway to ****.

Who can blame us for wanting to read about people who are indefinitely interesting and lovable? Rather than attend events ourselves and have to stumble through conversations for hours on end, we’d much rather read the witty conversations in books. Or go on the adventures with them, safely from the comfort of our rooms."

"3. If you ever lose the library due to fire, flood, or other disaster you can use the list to rebuild your collection and (depending on your insurance) possibly recuperate some of the money lost."

Reading Update

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I re-listened to the following in preparation for upcoming reviews:

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR


I read/listened to the following for the first time:


Up Next

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Wishlist Purchase


Other Acquisitions

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Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I have not read these books and thus can't give content warnings.

All books were free unless otherwise stated (and may or may not still be free).


Audiobook from this summer's Sync program. (If you are reading this before 7am, Eastern US time, on 7/14/16 this audiobook is still FREE here)

Buy | +GR


All the Kindle books I acquired that have Audible versions available.

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR


Some of the other Kindle books I acquired (I did really good this week in this category).



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