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**Note: I am currently in the process of changing my way of tagging, so there may be some discrepancies for as long as this note is here.**


Audience: Middle Grade | Young Adult | New Adult | Adult (not "Adult")


Length: 0-5 hrs^ | 5-10 hrs | 10-20 hrs | 20+ hrs


Time Setting: Historical | Contemporary | Near Future | FutureFar Future

Fantasies set on other worlds will be categorized based on similarities to our own.


Main Genre: Fantasy | Science Fiction | Non-SFF (retellings or SFF nerd/geek characters only)


Sub-genre: Artificial Intelligence | Dystopian | Families (strong) | Geek PowerMagicMoon or PlanetsMysteryMythologyNon-Romance*Paranormal | Post Apocalyptic | School | Steampunk | Urban Fantasy


*For protagonists (may be some side character romances)


Other: Christian | Diversity 


Publisher: Self Published | Small Publishers

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