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Comment Policy


Feel free to disagree with me (or anyone else). However, I reserve the right to delete any comment that is vulgar or hateful.  (I may offer you the opportunity to edit it first.)


Commenters are welcome to share non-commercial urls. (Note: live links are not accepted by the Booklikes comment system, you will have to type or paste in the url.) Spam will be deleted.


License Terms: You own your comments.  When you post a comment on any Got My Book branded site (this Blog, the Facebook or Google+ Pages, etc) or Mention me on Twitter, you are giving me permission to quote that comment or Tweet on other GMB sites.

Giveaway Policy


For now, I will only do giveaways if asked or offered by someone else.  I will use Rafflecopter to manage the giveaways and select a winner.


Any email or physical address collected will be shared only with the person sending the gift.


I am not responsible for items that are lost or never received.

Reblogging/Reposting Policy


  • I do NOT allow entire reviews/posts to be reblogged except when the specific post says it's ok.
  • In addition, any Bonus Material which I include in a review may NOT be either reblogged or quoted.
  • If you have reblogged an entire post or any portion of a Bonus section, I will ask you to take it down.


  • You MAY link to the blog, an individual post, and/or quote up to 1 full paragraph (of Non-Bonus material) without having to ask for permission. 
  • All quotes should be properly attributed and accompanied by a link to my site.
  • To quote more than one paragraph, please ask first. See ABOUT/CONTACT above for my contact info.

My Review Policy


**All requests must be submitted using the online form below.**


If you would like me to review something, please browse my reviews to see if we are a good match first. Then check out the information here (click on any question to go straight to the answer).


Would you review my book? MAYBE

I do not accept review requests via email or social media.

I review:

  • Unabridged Fiction Audiobooks ONLY (download preferred, physical media accepted)
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
    • Contemporary Fiction (Fairytale retellings or SFF nerd/geek protagonists ONLY)
  • Middle Grade / YA / Adult [As a CYBILS Awards judge for MG audiobooks, I am accepting very few MG review requests until Jan '17]
  • Carefully edited self-published books


I don't review:

  • Arcs, ebooks, or print books
  • Short story anthologies
  • Erotica or Horror
  • Non-traditional romance (Traditional = 1M/1F, and it makes me extra happy if they “wait”)
  • Explicit sex, frequent strong Language, or Gore
  • Anything “dark,” “heartbreaking,” or “tragic”


If you accept my book, do you guarantee to review it? NO

I try to choose the books I accept carefully but, occasionally, I come across a book I dislike so thoroughly that I can't finish it and don't want to review it. 


IF this is because you sent me a book which clearly violates the criteria listed above, then you won't hear from me and I won't post/rate the book at all. 


If it is for other reasons, I will contact you to find out if you would like me to post a (short) negative, but not nasty, review on a single site.  I do not post reviews of books I strongly disliked/DNFd on this blog.


Please DO NOT contact me to remind me to review your book, or ask why I haven't done so yet. 


Where will you post the Review? IT DEPENDS

If the above does not apply - My main posting sites are currently: this blog, Amazon, Audible, and Goodreads. (Not all reviews are posted to all sites.)


Or I can post reviews on Audiobook.com, Downpour.com, iTunes, Kobo, or Smashwords instead of one of the sites above, if you gift from there and prefer.


When will you post the Review?
I try to post within 6-8 weeks. However sometimes life gets in the way.


If we agreed upon a specific review date ahead of time, I will make every effort to meet that commitment.  If I can't do so, I will contact you with a new estimated post date.


Will you notify me when you have posted? YES

Notification may consist of a Tweet or Facebook post that tags your handle/user name.


Do you accept additional promotional materials (interviews etc)? Only in connection with a Review

To Submit a Review Request


Note: As a CYBILS Awards judge for MG audiobooks, I am accepting very few MG review requests until Jan '17.


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