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This week's Top Ten Tuesday topic is "Ten Reasons I Love X" -- June is Audiobook Month (#jiam2016) and this is an Audiobook focused blog, so is it any surprise that have chosen to write about:


Ten Reasons I Love Audiobooks

(There are more, but I figure you don't have all day)


They help me endure chronic insomnia.

Sometimes they actually help me to fall asleep. (The key is to pick a book you already know which doesn't have abrupt volume changes.) Sometimes they just make the lying in bed awake less stressful.


They make housework, exercise, and other drudgery bearable.

I know many people actually like exercising; I'm not one of them. And does anybody like doing the dishes?


They help me be more patient.

Thus the name of my blog.


They let me read & craft at the same time (doubling the benefit of my leisure time).

I love to knit, crochet, and cross-stitch but it is really difficult to read while doing them, and I love to read more.


They make solo road trips & vacations more fun.

My sister lives 3.5 hours from me, and after the first hour there is nothing interesting to look at and no radio stations to listen to. If it weren't for audiobooks, I would go nuts.


And like the point above, I get double the benefit of a vacation when I can read and see all the beautiful scenery at the same time.


They keep me company.

Solo traveling isn't the only time I am alone. As someone who is single & childless,  doesn't own or want a TV, and prefers to stay home audiobooks fill the silence in my life.


They give comfort during times of illness or anxiety.

There's nothing like the distraction of listening to a brand new book, or the comfort of listening to an old favorite, when I'm not feeling well.


They let me savor the best books and appreciate things I hadn't noticed.

I am a very fast reader; that is, in part, because I have a tendency to do a lot of skimming. Although I do tend to bump up the speed on audiobooks, they still help me catch all the things I would have missed otherwise.


They let me re-read without guilt.

I actually prefer re-reading to first reading (I'm planning a post on that for later this month). Yet there are so many books on my TBR! By using audiobooks to re-read in all the little minutes here & there, I save my bigger chunks of time for discovering new favorites.


Great narrators make books better.

They can bring even boring characters to life, teach me how to pronounce difficult words & names, expose me to interesting accents, and find the subtle emotional moments. I could have written a top ten about just this point alone, but this is getting long so I will end here.


Talk to Me (pretty please)

  • Did I miss any of the reasons you love audiobooks?
  • Who are your favorite narrators?
  • What's your favorite audiobook?


  • If you are a first time visitor, how did you discover my blog?
  • I recently debuted my redesigned blog. What do you think?

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