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**Yes/No: Do you read Pre-release Excerpts?**

The 2016 Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole @Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @It Starts At Midnight. “So often book bloggers mean to post more discussions on our blogs, but we just don’t quite get around to it. Well, we wanted to give everyone a little motivation to keep the discussions going, plus give us a place to link up our discussions so that more people will see our precious words of wisdom (or … you know … our GIF-filled rants).”

I never really participated in the online book community until I became a blogger earlier this year. Before that, my only exposure to pre-release excerpts was an occasional one at the back of a book/ebook. I never bothered to read those.


Back in January, I came across one for a book I was eagerly awaiting on someone's blog. I made the terrible mistake of reading it. Thankfully the book was due out in March or I may not have survived the experience. It definitely did it's job in increasing my anticipation, but I will never do that again.


You may be asking yourself, "What's her problem?" That's a good question. If you read my recent post, "Love It or DNF It", then you know I confessed to being a bookaholic who has trouble reading just one chapter. Work or church are pretty much the only things that ever succeed in getting me to put down a book I've started but not yet finished. Reading a pre-release excerpt is pure torture for me, since I can't possibly keep reading.


So my answer is:


What about you?

**Yes/No: Do you read Pre-release Excerpts?**

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Note: I did find a couple of bloggers who said that they love excerpts, but it was always a throw away comment in a post containing one. If you love excerpts, you might consider writing a post about it.

"1) If I’m excited for a book, I don’t want to read PART of it! I want the whole dang thing! It’s excruciating to read part of a book and not be able to continue."
"Now, I'm someone who has a love/hate relationship with excerpts (as you may have been able to tell by the title.) There are many reasons why I can't help but appreciate excerpts. Yet, there are also many reasons why I can't help but despise excerpts."

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