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Discussions, Commentaries, Personal Musings, and Lists. This is where I will talk about reading, blogging, and other book related topics. I hope you will join me and share your opinion (especially if you disagree, since it's nice for readers to see more than one side of an issue).


Some of the Musings types you will see rotated in future months include: Dear Author, Lists (TTT and others), Rants & Raves, Seeking Suggestions, Tutorials, Yes/No?


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(Tue = Adult / Thur = YA / Sat = MG -- I am working towards being able to strictly alternate SF & F books)


My thoughts and feelings about the best of the books I've read. (I don't usually post reviews that aren't at least 3.5*.) I try to keep my reviews spoiler free for the current book, and will note when a review does/might contain spoilers for a previous one.


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New Audiobook Releases



Each week there are dozens of scifi, fantasy, and other speculative fiction audiobooks released. I highlight the most talked about and/or interesting looking ones from that week. (I don’t include any that I know for sure would not meet My Standards. However, as these are brand new releases, I usually can’t be certain.)


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Sunday Summary

(Sunday, obviously)


If you only check out one post on my blog each week, this is the one to choose. It includes:

  • links to all my posts from the previous week, and a list of what I think I will be posting the next week.
  • information on current & upcoming blogger events I am/will be participating in.
  • links to interesting articles on other blogs and websites.
  • highlights of what I have been reading and new books I have acquired that week


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