I'm Finally Fed Up | Sunday Summary #24

The last straw has landed on this camel's back. I will be changing blog hosts once the Cybils are over.

The Sunday Post, hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer, is a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Caution: Her site has sidebar ads that sometimes contain cover images which may be offensive to some.

I'm not going to bore you all with the many problems I've been having with Booklikes, but I've made up my mind to move my blog to a different platform next year. I didn't want to have to do it, since the community here is really wonderful & supportive; and migrating will surely set me back. 


But last Sunday was the final straw. I was supposed to be hosting a post in the Virtual Fantasy Con's Blog Hop Hunt that day, but Booklikes went down in the middle of the day and stayed down for over 12 hours. On top of everything else, it's just become too unreliable.


I would really like to the go the self-hosted Wordpress route, but I'm only working half time right now and can't afford it. Since I'm currently a Round 1 Cybil's judge, I will be choosing a new platform & migrating after the beginning of the year. If you love your free blog platform, be sure let me know why in the comments.


Still Seeking: Tips for using Bloglovin' for discovering new blogs. Plus tips on Facebook & Google+ for bloggers.

Blog Ahead (October 2016)

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On GMB: Last week

On GMB: Coming Up

Note: Due to technical difficulties, I missed a review last week. I will be posting it on Tuesday instead, which means two YA reviews this week.


    • MON: Website Navigation Bar with Dropdown Menu | Tutorial
    • TUE: Calamity | Review - ★★★★ YA Superhero Fantasy
    • WED: New Audiobook Releases
    • THU: The Amazing Wolf Boy | Review - ★★★★ YA Fantasy
    • SAT: The City of Ember | Review - ★★★★ Post-Apocalyptic MG
    • SUN: Sunday Summary #25

Exploring Cyberspace

"6. Audiobooks are comforting

When I was a kid, my dad used to read The Little House on the Prairie with my sister and me before bedtime. My mom was really the one who got me into reading, but those nights with my dad were really special. We'd curl up on either side and feel his voice rumbling through his chest. There's something really comforting about someone reading to you as opposed to you reading. Think of how sweet the movie The Princess Bride was when the grandfather shared a beloved book with baby Fred Savage. I have some favorite audiobooks, and whenever my brain is too tired to read or I feel stressed or need a laugh, I have scenes I can play (the drunk email from Illuminae is a go-to if I need a quick laugh!) to find a bit of peace and comfort."

Reading: Update

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I re-listened to the following in preparation for upcoming reviews (sadly, I decided not to review OGK here on the blog after all, since there ended up being too many parts I skipped because I was bored):

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR


I read/listened to the following for the first time:

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR


In Progress (this was a week where I was having problems choosing, so I listened to parts of several things):

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR

Buy | +GR


Reading: Up Next

The goal is to finish all the "In Progress" books above and then start in on the CYBILS nominees.

Acquired: Won

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Acquired: Freebies

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Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I have not read these books and thus can't give content warnings.

Note: these books may or may not still be free (please verify before purchasing).


All the Kindle books I acquired that have Audible versions available (Note: the Audible version of Dragonbound isn't properly linked on Amazon. You'll need to search for it separately).


Some of the other Kindle books I acquired.


*Whispersync price (subject to change). Must purchase Audible version after obtaining a Kindle copy to get the discount.

Talk to Me (pretty please)

  • Have you ever changed blogging platforms? Any tips for things I should be sure to do to make it go smoothly?
  • What's your favorite book related childhood memory?
  • Do you read/listen to more than one book at a time, or not?


  • If you are a first time visitor, how did you discover my blog?

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Oct 9, 2016

Got My Book

"I Am Disappointed"


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