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This Month's Focus: Research / Request for Tips = Twitter




Awhile ago, I wrote about how I had gotten sucked into the black hole of Google Analytics and statistical goals that I can't really control. I was spending a lot of time commenting just so I could leave a link, in hopes that I would get a return visit. I didn't like the direction I was going and decided that I needed to go in a different one.


My Revised Goals


Objective: Be an active & contributing member of the book blogging community



  1. Learn how to use the platforms/sites I am registered with in order to more effectively:
    • Share my own activities & content
    • Support other readers & bloggers
  2. Put into practice what I have learned


The Plan

  • Spend a month learning about a specific site (or group of sites).
  • Spend the following month practicing what I have learned, and researching the next site(s).
  • Continue until complete.
  • Do a monthly post asking for assistance and sharing what I've learned & my progress.


Research / Request for Tips



I will be starting by spending the month of August researching Twitter. If you feel lost when trying to navigate the Twitterverse, you can check out some of the resources below (hopefully there will be some), and/or join me next month to find out what I have learned. If you think Tweeting's a breeze, then please share your best tips in the comments.


Or, if you know of or have written a post with tips for twitter, please add it to the linky.



Some of the Questions I will be researching.

  • How do I Tweet about what I am reading and other non-post related things?
  • What is a Twitter chat? Twitter party? And how do you participate?
  • What is the best workaround for not being able to follow hashtags?
  • (Other than helping someone else's stats), is there a difference between following someone and just adding them to a list?
  • What's the best way (site/tool) to read & respond to Tweets?
  • When I read about adding images to Twitter, is that something separate from the image automatically added from a link?
  • What hashtags should I be using?


Creating Community

Read them all:
  • Part #1 (Aug): Introduction
  • Part #2 (Sep): Tackling Twitter
  • Part #3 (Oct): Booklikes & Goodreads
  • Part #4 (Nov): Facebook & Google +
  • Part #5 (Dec): Other Sites / Conclusion

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