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**Yes/No: Do you seek or read spoilers?**

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Yes or No: Wherein I ask a simple question and invite you to answer.


Note: This is not a discussion about people who fail to label their spoilers.


As I said in my recent post "Love It or DNF It," when I was younger I had a friend who always read the end of a book first. At the time, I though that was terrible. I personally always made sure that none of my friends or family spoiled any books, TV shows, or movies for me (we didn't have the internet).


But as I have gotten older, that has changed. The first memory I have of the change is when I was binge watching a TV show via Netflix (on the old DVD plan). A certain character met a new man who made her very happy. Because this was a show where lots of bad things happened, I called my brother and made him tell me if the new guy was going to die or not. I had to work to convince him that I really wanted to know. (It turned out that I was right and the man was murdered.)


Thinking back on my reasons for calling my brother, they came down to not wanting to invest emotionally in a doomed relationship. After I knew what was going to happen, I was able to relax and enjoy the episodes with them together, since I wasn't anxious about the outcome.


In the years since then, I have found myself seeking out spoilers more and more as I make the decision whether or not to continue a series. Most often this happens in the case of a love triangle. If it isn't obvious who the final couple is going to be, I won't go forward unless I can find out.


I sometimes do this even before starting something new. I understand all the reasons someone would be opposed to spoilers - I used to be that someone - but I'm now very protective of my reading time and seek to make a fully informed decision. And it's not always about whether the outcome I prefer happens or not either. I just want to know.


So my answer is:


What about you?

**Yes/No: Do you read spoilers?**


 Would you be interested if I started making the endings available for the books I review? (They would require 2 clicks to access from the review, so no one could stumble upon accidentally.)

Inspired by a comments conversation with Nick (of Nick & Nereyda) here

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"I mean, doesn’t the urge to know kill you? (Not literally, of course.) I know mysteries are the core of books that make it so good and special, but I’m an impatient girl. I always want answers, unfortunately. Being gripped with books may be a good thing, but it also gave me an unhealthy habit of forcing asking my friends to tell me what’s going to happen."
"I can't honestly say it would have affected my enjoyment of any of these stories if I'd known these basic background facts going in.  None are plot points per se.  But I love that sense of figuring things out, of trusting the author to give me what I need to know.  Yes, I can wind up with duds that way, but we all do, right?  The trade-off is when I enter a world and am completely bewildered, but the author leads me step by step to complete understanding.  I love the feeling of being in the hands of a master, of knowing that all of my confusion will be cleared up and this will all make sense. "

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