Introducing GBM 1.0: Posting Schedule, Features, and More

**UPDATED: I originally titled this "Introducing GMB 2.0" but I went back and downgraded it, since previously I was actually just playing around in Beta mode.**


If you are a returning visitor, you may have read that I didn't become a blogger on purpose. And my efforts up to now have been very random and fairly unorganized. Having never even been a book blog reader (other than the occasional review of a book I was considering), I truly didn't have a clue. I did discover that not only did I like what little blogging I was doing, but I really enjoyed the blogging community.


With that in mind, I spent the last month planning an "upgrade" for my blog that debuts today. It includes changes to the design of the blog and the posts.  But most importantly, I will be trying to post according to a regular weekly schedule (see below). Also, in addition to my other changes, I am reintroducing an email newsletter. And I have enabled Facebook comments, in addition to Booklikes native system (you can use whichever you choose).


If you have a few minutes, look around then check out the questions below. I would love to hear your comments. Tues, Wed, Thur & Sun will each see the debut of a new/redesigned type of post.



Schedule / Features


Reviews: (2/wk, usually on Wed & Sat) - In addition to updated my formatting to match my new design, I will be endeavoring to make them more thoughtful.


New Audiboook Releases: (weekly on Tues) - Highlighting the most talked about or interesting seeming new Audiobooks released that week. Will also include occasional ebook releases, if they are sequels to popular audiobooks and aren't being released simultaneously.


My Musings: (biweekly on Thur) - Commentaries & Discussions. The plan is to increase this to weekly  as soon as possible. This Feature will be linked to the 2016 Discussion Challenge (see below).


Sunday Summary: (weekly) - A summary of the past week and estimate of the next week's content.  Links to interesting posts on other blogs. This Feature will be linked to The Sunday Post (see below). Once I have had an opportunity to test it, I will be providing the option to subscribe, via email, to the Sunday Summary only, in addition to the All Posts option.




As stated above, I will be connecting the "My Musings" Feature to the following meme. My goal for the year is "Creative Conversationalist" (13-24 Discussions for the year): 

2016 Discussion Challenge

The 2016 Discussion Challenge is hosted by Nicole @Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @It Starts At Midnight. “So often book bloggers mean to post more discussions on our blogs, but we just don’t quite get around to it. Well, we wanted to give everyone a little motivation to keep the discussions going, plus give us a place to link up our discussions so that more people will see our precious words of wisdom (or … you know … our GIF-filled rants).”



I will be linking my "Sunday Summary" to the following primary meme:

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share News. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Caution: Her site has sidebar ads with cover images that may be offensive to some.


And these secondary memes, as appropriate:



I may also link my reviews and/or discussions to one or more of the following memes:


For the "Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge," I hope to read 16 books. This does not include reread/listens.



I have added another Challenge:

**End Update**


Talk to Me (pretty please)

  • What do you think of my current Design?
  • What elements make you seek out someone's Reviews? What (besides spoilers) makes you avoid them?
  • Do you prefer to read a "Coming Soon" style list of new books or a "Recently Released" style one?
  • Do you prefer Discussion posts that include personal details about the blogger, or those that are a more straight forward presentation of the issue/question?
  • What inspires you to click on a link to an external site?

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