Accidentally Launching Myself into Cyberspace (Introducing Me & GMB Pt 1)


Welcome to my Blog!


I never planned to be a blogger.  It all started with a cold. Well, it actually started back in October, when I first heard about a site where you could request free copies of Audiobooks in return for a review. (I will be posting more about where I get my books later.) However, I was too busy to look into it at the time.


Due to scheduling issues, I spent time with my family the week before Christmas.  That meant I was going to be all alone for the holidays.  But wait, don't pity me; that meant I was going to be able to spend several days doing nothing but reading, so I didn't mind. With a total of 6 days off coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to request some review copies (in fact, I totally went overboard).


Unfortunately, I soon came to realize that my lovely nieces & nephews had given me the gift of GERMS; and they didn't even wrap them.  Did you know that it is hard to listen to audiobooks when you are coughing up a lung?


It’s always the parents’ fault (a side note).


I have loved reading since I was young.  Being *cough*middle aged*cough*, audiobooks came later. My whole life, my Dad has been a reader.  He spends his free time sitting on the couch with a book.  As time has gone by and my siblings have grown, a family reunion might find half of us sitting around, each with our own book/ereader - perfectly content.


My mother isn't a big reader; but she is an amazingly patient woman who is willing to listen to us tell her all about our latest favorites.  She is even kind enough to say she would rather listen to me tell it than read it herself.


Wait, wait, I think the brakes just failed.


So, back to the blog. Being unable to listen to all the books I had requested, I decided to start planning how I would write my reviews, and where I would post them.  I don't remember exactly how, but this lead me to both Goodreads & Booklikes. I signed up for both. (I had previous only posted a few reviews on either Amazon or Audible.) 


Then I figured, "Since they are providing me with a blog page, I might as well do something with it."  Then I became obsessed with customizing the template.  Then I starting looking into all the Pages I should have. Then...then...then... I'm sure some of you have been in the same spot.  [By the way - If you are just starting your own Booklikes blog, and haven't discovered it yet, check out Themis-Athena's BookLikes Tutorials page. (I just wish I had found it sooner.)]


In addition to all the work I was putting into my blog, I ended up creating Facebook & Google+ Pages & signing up for Twitter.  Too bad, I have no idea how to use them.  That sent me off to the library to get some paper books on blogging & social media marketing.


So, I am asking everyone to be patient with me while I figure out how to steer this rocket.


What’s In it for You?


Once I have finished reading and reviewing my backlog, my plan is to publish 2 reviews and 1 non-book review post per week, plus any deals and giveaways that come up spontaneously.  Because I write long reviews; do series research; and reach out to authors and narrators for bonus material, I will only be posting reviews for books I actually like here on the blog.  Reviews for books I didn't like so much will be posted on other sites, if at all.