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I had a different post planned for today, but it didn't work out. So I decided to throw together a quick TTT list for the movie freebie week. This being Sci-Fi Month, it just had to be SF focused of course. (Since this is being done last minute, there are only 5 entries.)


I come from a large family that has always enjoyed movies, especially SF & Fantasy ones. Movie quotes were frequently sprinkled throughout our conversations, and quote quizzes helped keep us entertained in the car. Watching favorite movies together is still a big part of social occasions (although hard on new in-laws, since we talk to the screen a lot).


Here are 5 SF movies that have fun/special memories attached.

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Frequency - The first time I watched this, I thought that one of my brother's would really enjoy it also. So I got it for him as a gift. The next time I needed to get him a gift, I forgot I had already given him this and got it a second time. It wasn't until I gave it to him a third time that he said something, and that it became a family joke. Now whenever gifts come up I tell him, "actually, there's this really great movie I think you'd like..."


Galaxy Quest - I might not have ever seen this one if it hadn't been for a wonky double date. One of my younger brothers (not the same one as above) was trying to get a girl to go out with him and so we arranged for me & my boyfriend at the time to double with them. She ended up changing her mind though, so we brought one of my sisters along instead to keep things even. The "boys" picked the movie, and we weren't too impressed with the selection at first but ended up loving it and having a wonderful time. (That was also my first time eating at Olive Garden, though not the last since it is another sister's favorite.)


Independence Day

Well before the Galaxy Quest date, I took that same brother to see this movie for his birthday. He still occasionally reminds me that I spilled my drink all over him when the doctor is slammed against the glass by the alien. (That was also the first time that all the adults kept talking to my newly tall "little brother," rather than me, despite the fact that he is 10 years younger.)


The Return of the Jedi

This was the first movie I ever stood in line for on opening day. It was me and the rest of my family at the tiny (one smallish screen) theater closest to the "middle of nowhere" wide spot in the road where I grew up.


(The last movie I stood in line for on opening day was The Return of the King, also with my entire family. See below for "the rest of the story.")


The Wrath of Khan

This was the first movie I ever saw at the huge (& awesome) Cinerama theater in Seattle. It was a late night showing and we were able to grab middle seats in the front row of the balcony.


(The last movie I saw here was TRotK. And despite the fact that it was opening day, and I had my whole family there, we were able to grab awesome seats near the front center of the balcony.)


Talk to Me (pretty please)

  • What are your favorite SF movies?
  • Do you have any fun movie memories?
  • What's the most awesome theater you've been to?


  • If you are a first time visitor, how did you discover my blog?

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