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The author I’m pleased to be hosting for Virtual FantasyCon’s Blog Hop Hunt today is Renee Scattergood, author of the Shadow Stalker serial.


Renee Scattergood lives in Australia with her husband, Nathan, and daughter, Taiya. She has always been a fan of fantasy and was inspired to become a story-teller by George Lucas, but didn't start considering writing down her stories until she reached her late twenties. Now she enjoys writing dark fantasy.



She is currently publishing her monthly Shadow Stalker serial, and she has published a prequel novella to the series called, Demon Hunt. She is also working on a new series of novels, A God's Deception.


Aside from writing, she loves reading (fantasy, of course), watching movies with her family, and doing crafts and science experiments with her homeschooled daughter.


Get her Dark Fantasy Serial Bundle, Shadow Stalker Part One (Episodes One – Six), Free!


The Hidden Truth (Episode One)

A young shadow stalker is destined to enslave the people of the Serpent Isles, and the Galvadi Empire want this child of prophecy dead. Auren Trasks perfectly normal life is disrupted when the Galvadi invade, and she learns a startling secret about her past. A secret that will change her life forever.


The Delohi-Saqu's Fate (Episode Two)

Auren is being targeted by the Council of Elders, and the only one who could put an end to their corruption is her father. But leaving the Dark Isle would turn Kado against her.


Shadows' Betrayal (Episode Three)

After seeing the monster she will become, Auren swears not to leave the Dark Isle. Despite that, the elders are conspiring against her. To escape their scheming, she and Kado decide to explore the Dark Isle. But worse things await them in the forests.


Forbidden Love (Episode Four)

Kado and Auren survive a deadly storm, but when Auren is forbidden from pursuing love with another young shadow stalker, will it be enough to drive a wedge between her and her foster father?


Destiny Reconciled Part One (Episode Five)

Auren and Kado accept that they may not be able to avoid her leaving the Dark Isle. Now they have to prepare for that eventuality. Will the training be more than Auren can handle?


Destiny Reconciled Part Two (Episode Six)

Cathnor has been arrested and is facing a death sentence. The Dark Isle is out of control, and Kado is the only one who can help his people. So he prepares Auren for the possibility that she may have to leave the Dark Isle without him and face her destiny alone, but can she leave him and do what must be done?


Keep reading for an excerpt!

"Are you nuts? It's too far away. We'll never make it before they get here!" Deakan said, pointing toward the Galvadi who were heading in our direction.


He was right. "Let's head toward the northern forest then, and we can make our way to your hydrocar from there." The forest was about two kilometers from us, but the Galvadi were far enough away we would have time to make it there if we ran.


Deakan nodded and took off, and Jade and I followed after grabbing our backpacks. His long legs drove him several meters ahead of us within minutes. When he noticed how far we had fallen behind, he stopped and scanned the hilltop while he waited for us, then let us go ahead so he could keep pace with us.


Half way there, Jade came to a halt and bent over panting real hard. She was not as fit as Deakan and I were. "I can't—"


I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind me. "Run! They're almost across the lake." In truth I had no idea where they were because we were on the opposite side of the hill now, but I needed to keep her moving somehow. It worked, and Jade began running again, albeit slower. By the time we reached the 5 trees I heard the whine of the vehicle in the distance. I glanced back before joining my friends in the forest, and saw that the Galvadi had reached our camping spot. It wouldn't take long for them to realize where we went.


The canopy of leaves dampened the little daylight that was left. Fallen branches and other foliage littered the ground, so it would not be safe for us to continue running. If one of us suffered an injury, there'd be no way we could stay ahead of the Galvadi. As it was, it would take a lot of luck to keep us from being captured. Deakan held up his hand. I stopped moving, but Jade bumped into me.


"Voices," he whispered and pointed ahead.

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