Cybils 2016 Journal

2016 Cybils Award Round 1 Panelist: Audiobooks Category

In the interest of confidentiality, I won't be naming any books by Title here nor giving specific details on my thoughts.


Before October


Earlier this year: I started blogging casually in January, and read a bit about the Cybils when last year’s winners were announced.


Mid-Aug: I saw the information about volunteering to be a judge on Charlotte's Library weekly MG SFF Round-up (a great resource) and impulsively decided to sign-up. I was most interested in the MG Spec Fic category (which I listed as my 2nd choice); however, I selected the brand new Audiobooks category as my first choice since I really want it to get off to a good start. Not being fully aware of the amount of work involved at the time, I indicated I was available for either Round.


Mid/Late-Sep: I got an email telling me that I had been selected for Round 1 Audiobooks, and offering me a final chance to back out if I had had second thoughts or wasn't going to be available for collaborating during the holidays.


I did some more research at this time and became convinced that I may have bitten off more than I could chew, but I still accepted. We weren't allowed to tell anyone until the formal announcement was made.


Sep 21st: The announcement was made and I started waiting for the category description to be posted (and emailing my chairwoman with questions).


Sep 27th: I got the email with instruction on how to register for the CYBILS online database (which lets you see the nominations, indicate which ones you have access to, record your reading, link your reviews, and create a working shortlist).


Sep 28th: The Audiobooks category description was released, confirming that we would be focusing on Middle Grade books (which I had learned earlier as the answer to one of my questions).


I've been very impatient waiting for each step to happen. But I have also spent the week frantically trying to ready by organizing & planning, putting together the drop-down menu for my blog navigation bar, looking through the MG audiobooks published this year (and placing holds for some of the more popular ones at the library), and getting ahead on my adult & YA reading for the rest of the year.


Sep 30th: Nominations opened at 12 midnight (1 am my time).




Oct 1st: This first few books have been nominated (including a SF one), and I can already tell it's going to be a real struggle to stick with my plan to check/process them only once a day (rather than obsessively checking all day long). I was actually a bit disappointed by the low number of audiobooks nomination compared to other categories; despite having been concerned that I might have bitten over more than I can chew.


Oct 2nd: I decided to add a request for nominations below my Menu bar.